Our models are all on the small scale of: 1:180 for the Casina Vanvitelliana to 1:1000 for the Caserta Reggia Borbonica which is the greatest. Once finished, each model, even the biggest one, turns out to be of little size. This particular choice is the result of a field research carried out by enthusiast model-makers that prefer to focus on miniatures, even if this might increase difficulties ( but also self-satisfaction as regards one's own work !). Our models do not contain pre-cut tables, which is instead the case for other paper model publishers using this technique in order to get a greater spreading of their product thanks to the easier assembly of the models. We have decided to avoid punching so that amateurs can still enjoy cutting the models by themselves, since, in our view, this remains a major element in the pleasure of manipulating paper.

Fold drawing that has to be carried out with something pointed but not sharp, such as the blade's back of a cutter or a ruling-pen, is preparatory to cutting.

piega a monte piega a valle